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The Museum of Modern GIFs (The Park Painters, Part 3)

I wish museums were filled with GIFs.

The Light Has Changed (The Park Painters, Part 2)

The painters often greet each other by discussing the light.

The Park Painters

In July when the sun is high

Choosing One Word in Style

How to make a style guide for your word

The Larder Of Kitchen Lore

Intergenerational websites and evergreen notes

One Small Step for a Better Web

Watching the independent web shift from nostalgia to action

Building a Mechanical Keyboard

Exploring hand-crafted computers

How I Learned How to Make Bread

A year of practice and exploring bread

Wisconsin Refugees Reflection

Interesting things I learned while exploring data about refugee resettlements in Wisconsin

Kevin McGillivray

Kevin McGillivray is a web developer, painter, and writer in Wisconsin. He writes about creativity, online and offline neighborhoods, and vegetables. He paints and dives.

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