Welcome to the Mush Room

Kevin McGillivray

I’m your host, @kev_mcg—jolly web gardener, jaunty sketcher-of-qwerty-and-canvas, and convivial home cook.

In the studio, you’ll find loose manuscripts on practicing creativity, pattern languages, and arcane logs. In the kitchen, there are odes to vegetables, and half-painted portraits. Later on we can gather ‘round the table to roll the D20 in the metagame of myth, metaphor, and meaning.

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a long, low simmer

Deep dives & open questions

Practicing Creativity

Draft notes on creativity as a skill and a mystery. What stories do we tell about creativity? How might we practice it in its full nuance and complexity?

The Game of Quality

Playing improvisational gardening games with myth, metaphor, and meaning. Where does the Quality Without a Name emerge and how might we enchant it in our days and works?

A Web Pattern Language

How should we co-create the web together? What can we learn about neighborliness, accessibility, and wholeness through making beautiful places both online and offline?

logs from the hypertext workshop

On programming & web development

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toolkits & maps

Open source projects

Wisconsin refugees

An interactive data visualization of refugee resettlements in Wisconsin from 2002-2019.

Life in weeks

Create a grid of your life in weeks.


Makes well-crafted website typography simple with a solid foundation of font size proportions, line heights, and vertical spacing.

Jekyll Base Template

A simple-as-possible Jekyll template

treasures lost & perceived

Picture gallery

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Letters in bottles

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