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Ahoy and hello!

Welcome to the cozy harbor in the cove. My name is Kevin—code druid, deep diver, and convivial cook in a web developer costume. I’m writing, painting, and diving. Signal your address and I’ll send you letters in bottles.

sea-soaked letters

Latest posts

A Sunday Afternoon in the Boston Public Garden

Ask yourself if you have any choice but to do the same.

One Small Step for a Better Web

Watching the independent web shift from nostalgia to action

Building a Mechanical Keyboard

Exploring hand-crafted computers

How I Learned How to Make Bread

A year of practice and exploring bread

from the hypertext studio

On Programming & Web Development

Introduction to the "Frontend" and "Backend"

From server to browser—understand the basics of the full stack to create a clear learning path.

Mindful Code Exercises

Experiments for practicing mindfulness while writing code.

The Four Layers of Programming Skills

Learn about the four layers of programming skills: syntax, programmatic thinking, creativity, and interdisciplinary skills.

Introduction to Text Editors and the Command Line

Text editors and the command line are essential, simple, and powerful tools for developers, yet they are also bewilderingly complex and confusing without a proper introduction. Here's the post that I wish existed when I started learning web development.

bottled letters & ships

On Fermentation

The Length of Humanity

The length of humanity is measured in dancing on mountaintops beneath stars and lights.


People can only become anchors when they find each other.

Farmers' Market

It's 12:00 and I'm walking fast because the market closes sometime between now and a little while from now. I'm on a mission to get some flowers.

treasures lost & found

Picture Gallery

Empty walls for now.

toolkits & maps

Open Source Projects

Wisconsin refugees

An interactive data visualization of refugee resettlements in Wisconsin from 2002-2019.

Life in weeks

Create a grid of your life in weeks.


Makes well-crafted website typography simple with a solid foundation of font size proportions, line heights, and vertical spacing.

Letters in bottles

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