On exploring food, building communities, and living as fermentation.

A Sunday Afternoon in the Boston Public Garden

Ask yourself if you have any choice but to do the same.

Early Memories of Baking

This is in praise of deep play.

The Length of Humanity

The length of humanity is measured in dancing on mountaintops beneath stars and lights.

Kazuko Revisited

Gifts are multiplicities. Giving it away returns it in an exponent.


People can only become anchors when they find each other.

Portrait of a Morning in Code


Matcha in the Morning

All is forgiven if you are bitter, tea. Everyone is bitter some days.


We forget how much our cities are our bodies.

Care and Quality

If you haven't met him yet, I need to introduce you to Kenji Ekuan.

A Tempest in a Coffee Cup

Be not afraid—you think that's a tempest? Taste this espresso.


I like to feel the texture of text.

Method of Beauty

But music comes whether called or not

October in Wisconsin

It’s time for the world to start all over again and for you to learn how to be what you will become.


The shape is immediately recognizable. A cultural shape. A symbol. A simple bowl.

Crossroads Revisited

You never know what roads you'll walk down twice.

Good Morning

One thing you can say about mornings is that they're neighborly.

Getting Ready

I'm going to Get Ready, as the phrase goes.


That's why showering and getting born is best done in solitude. Prying eyes make for uncomfortable situations.

Sunday, Part 2

It's today, Sunday.


On either side of my TV are two lions.


Some realizations take a while to ferment in your mind.


You can't predict when an interaction is going to make an impression on you.


When it's cold, I can see exactly how crooked my glasses are.

A Love Song

High and low.


Shelter, refuge, sanctuary, home.


But when we care for music, music takes care of us.


The mystery of one way streets.

To those who aren't afraid to get up early

To those who have something they care about so much, they join the sunrise welcoming committee.

Draw From Life

A home is made of many parts. Let's list them.

Analysis of a Home

A home is made of many parts. Let's list them.

Under Construction

Have you ever noticed the quietness of still things?

Farmers' Market

It's 12:00 and I'm walking fast because the market closes sometime between now and a little while from now. I'm on a mission to get some flowers.

Commentary on the View from a Window

Two bridges, one tall, one low. Almost parallel. Miles apart in space, a few inches on a two dimensional plane.


When I drink great tea, it makes me want to run out of whatever room I'm in and just stand out in the hallway for no reason.

How to Calm Down in the Middle of a Stressful Week of Moving into a New Apartment, Part 1 of 10

This is called 'moving to a new apartment meditation.' Sitting in the middle of chaos, eating a sandwich.


Thanks, Dad

Making is Breathing


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