Notes on learning and teaching web development—better ways to learn and teach programming skills, the essential metaskills and mindset beyond syntax, and code as a creative practice.

Introduction to the "Frontend" and "Backend"

From server to browser—understand the basics of the full stack to create a clear learning path.

A Balanced Learning Plan: Lessons, Exercises, and Projects

Go beyond the tutorial with a balanced approach to learning programming.

Mindful Code Exercises

Experiments for practicing mindfulness while writing code.

What to do After the Developer Bootcamp

Navigating the next step in your development career.

How to Stop Creativity

Tried and true methods to create writer's block.

The Four Layers of Programming Skills

Learn about the four layers of programming skills: syntax, programmatic thinking, creativity, and interdisciplinary skills.

Wisconsin Refugees Development Notes

How I built an interactive visualization of refugee data in Wisconsin.

Introduction to Text Editors and the Command Line

Here's the post that I wish existed when I started learning web development

Tutorial Writing: Clarify Your Prerequisites

Writing accessible and learner-friendly tutorials.

How to Debug a Script

Strategies and mindset for untangling code.

A Web Development Reading List

Collecting a reading list of important and influential writing for web development students.

Writing Code from Scratch

What to do when you have to come up with your own answers.

How to Create Image Captions with Jekyll

Use Jekyll includes to create easy to manage image captions.

Kevin McGillivray

Kevin McGillivray is a web developer, painter, and writer in Wisconsin. He writes about creativity, online and offline neighborhoods, and vegetables. He paints and dives.

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