Waking Up in the Dream

Like all people, I have dreams, things that I wish were real, and often I’m not quite sure how to make them real.

But what if those dreams are already real in some form and I don’t recognize them?

One of my dreams is to teach more web development. Earlier tonight I was mentoring a student in web development. Did I realize in that moment that my dream was a reality?

Another one of my dreams is to write a book about creativity and mindfulness. Earlier tonight I was writing part of that book. But did I wake up in that moment and think, “Yes! Finally my dreams are coming true…”?

Maybe it’s in the nature of a dream for the dreamer to not wake up and realize it’s happening while it’s happening. Or maybe it’s because I’m predisposed to think that dreams are unattainable and unrealistic and therefore not something I’d ever actually see. Or maybe it’s that the reality never feels quite like I imagined it would feel.

Whatever the reason, this dream-blindness has the unfortunate side effect of leading to a feeling of lack and scarcity more than a feeling of gratitude and contentment. I’d like to spend more time celebrating and being thankful for the moments where I’m able to share my gifts and enthusiasms rather than feeling frustrated and not seeing the real experiences right in front of me.

Wake up in the dream. This is happening, this is real.

About Kevin McGillivray

Kevin McGillivray is a teacher and web developer from Wisconsin. He writes about creativity, mindfulness, code, and tea. He is the co-founder of Sandcastle, a tiny studio.

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