The Four Layers of Programming Skills

Hi there! This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time and decided to record it as a video instead. In the video I talk about the four layers of skills that you need to learn when you’re learning how to write code and how to explore each one. These layers are:

  1. Syntax skills – how to read and write a programming language and the core concepts behind how the language works.
  2. Programmatic thinking skills – how to think like a computer and translate a process into a specific set of instructions that a computer can understand.
  3. Creative skills – how to figure out an answer when it’s not obvious what it should be, how to go from a rough draft to a final draft with all the bumps and detours in between.
  4. Interdisciplinary skills – understanding and borrowing from other fields to enrich our own programming practice and the things we make.

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Kevin McGillivray is a teacher and web developer from Wisconsin. He writes about creativity, mindfulness, code, and tea. He is the co-founder of Sandcastle, a tiny studio.

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