How to Calm Down in the Middle of a Stressful Week of Moving into a New Apartment, Part 1 of 10

First accept the situation. Accept that when one part of life shifts it makes everything else shift too. The whole structure is dependent on each other part. So get ready to keep moving and improvise.

Examples of this include:

Remember that old saying about how the best time for meditation is when you don’t have time for it. Whoever said that was right but it’s just as good to go get a sandwich instead.

Watch out for migraines. The likelihood of getting one is at an all time high.

Expect three to five existential crises the week of the move. Questioning your life’s purpose is all part of the fun.

Once you have accepted this situation, it will seem kind of funny. You might even smile and notice that you are in fact still breathing, and that you have eaten a sandwich even if you didn’t really notice it while you were eating it. This is called “moving to a new apartment meditation.” Sitting in the middle of chaos, eating a sandwich.

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