Web Development Mentorship

Build your skills, career, and creativity with a one-on-one mentorship

Build a super strong foundation

Go beyond syntax and learn essential principles of programatic thinking and web development you can use in any project.

Craft a career

Build real projects and a portfolio related to your interests and career goals. Practice sharing and communicating about your work and skills.

Connect with a community

Connect with other students and professional developers at monthly group studio sessions.

Learn for mastery

Get direct, detailed feedback and guidance as you learn at your own pace. Learn for mastery, not speed.

Explore wide, dig deep

Connect your skills to a range of interesting topics in the history of the web and computer science and additional interdisciplinary topics to deepen your education.


My background

Experienced teacher

I’ve mentored over 50 students in a wide range of web development topics. I’m deeply committed to education and the practice of teaching.

Experienced developer

I love the web and explore new technologies and approaches constantly, building a wide range of projects for myself and clients. My expertise is both deep and broad.

Career connected

I care about helping you build a rewarding career and understanding the steps needed to create it. I’m happy to provide guidance and answer any career questions.

Creative skills focus

I believe that creativity is a skill that can be practiced and taught. Everything we learn is focused on building valuable creative skills that can be used in any project or career.

What you'll learn

Projects and coursework

The course material is organized around lessons for introducing new concepts and skills, exercises for reinforcing skills, and projects to integrate everything you learn.

Projects are both guided and self-directed, aimed at building a professional portfolio and exploring your interests through programming creativity. Past students have made projects including:

Programming learning will be supplemented with a range of related blog posts, articles, books, and websites exploring the vast creativity and wonder of the web as well as writing “opportunities” – yes, you’ll write more than just code!

Recommendations from students

Kevin has a very gentle and kind way of teaching and I always felt comfortable asking questions. He also explained difficult concepts very clearly to me. He not only explained "how" but took time to explain "why" and that helped me develop my strength to think as a software developer. I really appreciated that he showed genuine interest in what was important for me. He also, though never in a pushy way, encouraged me to try something new and be better. He was always calm and the most patient mentor that I've worked with, and fun to talk to at the same time. He also knew a lot about front-end technologies. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to learn web development.


Not only is Kevin an integral and irreplaceable part of developing my foundational coding skills, he has boosted my confidence and inspired me to take on challenging projects. He is able to figure out where I am struggling, even if I have a hard time articulating my struggles. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable about web development, but he is not afraid to let me know if he does not know an answer and will take the time to seek the answers I need with me. Kevin makes me feel like it is okay to not have all of the answers all the time and taught me how to pull the most useful information available. I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a development mentor. He is well-informed, thoughtful with his words, perceptive, encouraging, and most of all, adaptable to any situation.


I was happy that Kevin does indeed have a deep knowledge of JavaScript and front-end technologies, but his experience with art, design and music made all the difference for me. With these overlapping sensibilities, we were able to hit the ground running. For my capstone project, he helped me create a web app that visualizes the guitar fretboard as an interactive collection of shapes and sounds. Kevin went above and beyond in helping me with this project, and I considered it a great success. I came away from the experience with a much greater understanding of JavaScript, and a really fantastic finished capstone piece that I am continuing to develop on my own. Not only was Kevin a pleasure to work with from a learning perspective, I also found his down-to-earth demeanor to be refreshingly approachable. His positive attitude and genuine interest in student well-being resonates with me to this day. In large part due to Kevin's conscientious approach, I couldn't have been happier with my front-end mentor experience. I would recommend Kevin without reservation to any student.


I was at a point in my learning where I needed a dedicated mentor to help me achieve the next level of web development skills to accomplish my goals. It was at this time I met Kevin. Kevin and I sat down at a local coffee shop. He was very excited to meet me and see where I was at in my learning and what I had done to that point. I went through a JavaScript class with Kevin first and then entered into a mentorship with him to help take my knowledge even farther. The mentorship is where I saw another level of my growth. The concepts, the guidance, and the full stack app we built was critical to my continued learning of new technologies. If it was not for this mentorship program I don’t think I would be where I am today. Due to the great foundation that Kevin helped me build I have been able to learn new technologies and build more applications in web development. Kevin has also been critical to helping me get experience working as a web developer and connected me to a great community of developers. Kevin has become a continued resource to me in my development and continues to be invested in my success.


My goals were to learn major coding languages, from scratch. Kevin made learning smooth and has helped me problem-solve all along the way. I really enjoyed his focus on problem-solving step-by-step. Kevin's calm teaching style makes students feel comfortable and helps avoid the anxiety that is so common when learning a new skill. My experience was really positive - I am surprised at how much I have learned in such a short period of time. He is also really understanding and really gets different learning styles and learning paces, and is a great guide. I would absolutely recommend Kevin as a mentor to anyone.


Mentorship Details

  • Meet one-on-one for one session per week, in person or online
  • Prepare to commit 10-20 hours of work per week
  • Mentorships are flexible but prepare to focus on learning for 3-6 months to build fundamental skills
  • Email any time for feedback and discussion between sessions
  • Access to monthly group studio sessions for networking, collaboration, and sharing projects
  • Mentorships start in March 2018 – limited spots available.

$80 weekly

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