Eighty-eight keys on a keyboard, the light from the window touching each one.

I sit and watch it although nothing is happening. A room full of stillness, but if you sit still long enough too you can start to notice the more subtle movements. Like the light on the piano keys.

I’ve never been good at maintaining the objects that make up my life. I’ve had this pair of glasses for almost eight years now. They are a little crooked and the paint on the edges is chipping.

We all need someone to take care of us when our paint chips.

The keyboard keys have scuffs and discoloration. Marks of times when they were played for hours, for days, for months. And marks of times when dust collected because I was too busy for music.

But when we care for music, music takes care of us. A solvent turning our stress to stillness again.

Of whom do you care? Of what do you care? Who takes care of you?

There is only one rule of life. To care, to show attention, kindness, and enthusiasm.

Care has no time scale or deadline. It is infinite in its energy and devotion.

“Things of quality have no fear of time.”

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

Last night Alex took care of me. There was a rotten apple in my emotional basket and she patiently and encouragingly helped me remove it.

To care for someone is to notice the little details of their current emotional and physical state, what is in balance and what is out of balance, to see them more clearly than they see themselves, and to help them move toward a more high quality energy in their mind and body.

“It’s our listening that makes a conversation important; it’s our vision that makes a masterpiece; it’s our love that makes a face stand out from the crowd.”

–Gretchen Rubin

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

–Thich Nhat Hanh

“Who in your life has been such a servant to you? Who has helped you love the good that grows within you? Let’s just take 10 seconds to think of some of those people who have loved us and wanted what was best for us in life. Those who have encouraged us to become who we are tonight. Just 10 seconds of silence. I’ll watch the time. No matter where they are, either here or in heaven, imagine how pleased those people must be to know that you thought of them right now.”

–Mr. Fred Rogers


Kevin McGillivray

Kevin McGillivray is a web developer, painter, and writer in Wisconsin. He writes about creativity, online and offline neighborhoods, and vegetables. He paints and dives.

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