A Few Projects

There are a few new projects that I’ve been working on and thinking about for the past couple months, and I haven’t talked too much about them so I thought I would share them here.

Tea Guide

Tea Guide

I like learning about tea, I like making really great tea, and I like helping other people learn about tea. I also remember what it was like when I first started drinking tea and how challenging it was to understand how to make it. The basics of tea are simple, but they are surprisingly difficult to learn if you haven’t had the opportunity to be introduced to them or have someone to walk you through the process. This site is meant to be that introduction so that anyone who wants to improve their cup and learn the interesting, simple, and essential basics of tea can spend a little time on it and walk away with everything they need to know. Alex and I have just gotten started on it, so we’ll be adding to it over time.

Foster Douglas Portfolio

Foster's Site

Foster and I have been working on his portfolio site for a couple months now. It’s been a lot of fun and an experimental process. Foster has a lot of unique ideas for interaction and design, so it’s been an adventure figuring out how to build his ideas. Check out the daily game designs. It’s like a personal journal told through game designs.

Untitled Book

I’ve been working on writing a short book about creativity, mindfulness, and drawing. The idea is to write down a lot of the key things I’ve learned from the last ten years I’ve spent trying to figure out creativity, and to mix that in with sketches from my sketchbooks from the last two or three years. This partly serves as an archive of my thoughts and sketching, but I hope that other people who are trying to learn how to live a creative life find it helpful as well. If you’d like updates on the progress of this, please subscribe to the newsletter below, and if you’d like to help with “beta testing” and giving feedback on the book in progress, please tweet me here or email me here.

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Kevin McGillivray is a teacher and web developer from Wisconsin. He writes about creativity, mindfulness, code, and tea. He is the co-founder of Sandcastle, a tiny studio.

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